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Our Pastor

Pastor Jason Dixon is the pastor of The Power of God Ministries. He is an anointed preacher, hardworking servant and father of two with one little one on the way.  He is also a loving and devoted husband to our First Lady, Dr. Franyora C. Dixon.


Our Values

Faith: We understand that without FAITH, it is impossible to please God. So, at POGM, we wholeheartedly believe in Jesus Christ and strive to consistently exemplify a lifestyle of faith so as to serve with humility and reach souls no matter the cost. 


Fervent Prayer: It is at the altar of prayer that believers access the power and presence of God. We take the practice of prayer and the grooming of that personal communion with God seriously at Power of God Ministries through in-person Power-Filled Prayer meetings the 1st Monday of each month. 


Word: The Word of God is the compass that directs our lives as children of God. By studying it consistently, we are accepting the guidance and leading of God. True transformation comes from the effective teach and preaching of the Word of God. 


Spirit-filled Worship: We know the power that is evident in true spirit-filled worship is designed to pull down the presence of God as is evident in the lives of Paul and Silas who sang and worshipped God in prison leading to their supernatural release. We tap into God’s reservoir of wonders, miracles, and blessings via worship every opportunity we meet physically during our weekly Sunday service. 


Evangelism: Propagating the gospel of Jesus is every believer’s mandate. We have been commissioned to share the Good news of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and proclaim that only thru the name of Jesus can one be truly saved. We believe in Baptism in Jesus name and the infilling the Holy Spirit. 

Our Mission

We exist to shine the light of Jesus upon souls and transform lives through the power of sharing the Gospel, anointed worship experiences and life-changing outreach programs. 

Our Vision

To be a non-denominational ministry that embraces all races and creeds with the firmly established Word of God, while applying family-focused principles and anointed worship that brings about a positive transformation in the lives of people.

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